Pokemon drawn from description alone by someone who doesn't know anything about Pokemon.

by Noelle Stevenson

aka Gingerhaze

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Anonymous asked
is this like a ripoff of badly drawn pokemon

No one draws Pokeymon worse than me!

I also drew a Poliwhirl, which Aimee was describing from memory. She got some things wrong in her description.

So I drew some Pokeymans last night on a livestream hosted by me and Aimee, (which I believe you can still watch recorded!). This here is Emboar. It uh, got a little out of control. Demon pig wrestler!

Anonymous asked
Can I make plushies of your drawing adaptations as fanart?



KAY. Bisharp. this should be fun. So, it starts of fairly humanoid, the lower body has these huge mc hammer pants, and his feet are like hooves. But like, with the heel of the foot up the leg. Like some animals like dogs have. Anyway, so on it’s chest it has these two huge sawblades coming out of it, with a dent in both of them, then huge 80’s shoulder pads. His hands are giant oven mits with like a sharks dorsal fin coming out of the back of his hands. He’s wearing like a bikers helmet, with a giant crescent moon-ish blade coming out the top.


Oh man I saw “hammer pants” and I knew I had to draw this one

And the whole time I was drawing it I was like “it’s a shame this is obviously a fake request because this is insane”


Anonymous asked
Hi! Have you abandoned this project?

Nope, just busy!

Anonymous asked
Are you aware that when people say scythe in their descriptions you continuously draw sickles?


LUGIA, a large birdlike creature with a turtle head.  Instead of wings it has thin appendages that end in something that look like hands with 5 “fingers” each.  It has two legs with three toes each, the toes are stuck to each other.  On it’s back it has 4 dorsel fins sticking out. and it has a tail with two blue spikes on each side.


his hand-wings make my uncomfortable frankly.

I’m actually pretty upset that all the Pokemon submitted are the newer ones I don’t really know. I only know the original 151 (sort of) and a few new ones here and there. ANYWAY, here’s my description of an older Pokemon :)

DROWZEE: Side profile. Facing to the left (or the Pokemon’s right). His body is like an upright hippo (think fat!) and has two arms like that of a bear and three fingers on each. He also has two toes on each foot. The top half of his body is yellow and the bottom half brown (except his toes which are also yellow). Instead of being split straight in the middle, his top and bottom half are split by a squiggly line like melted ice-cream (Gosh, I hope I’m making sense!) He also has a short elephant nose and pointed ears like a cat but a little bit curved like elves. You can only see one eye and it’s a “rounded” isosceles trianle with a single dot towards the front point. (and this makes absolutely no sense. Have fun :D)

I do not like him



Beartic is a triangle shaped polar bear. He has a slightly pointed face, and he always looks angry. He has a beard made of big icicles, scrawny upper arms and huge forearms, like a furry Popeye. Beartic’s dog-like paws have only 3 large, sausagey fingers with claws. His legs end abruptly without feet, and he has a lot of extra hair around his lower abdomen and between his legs, to keep his junk warm.


oh I guess that makes