Pokemon drawn from description alone by someone who doesn't know anything about Pokemon.

by Noelle Stevenson

aka Gingerhaze

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It has (no joke) your hairdo in like blobs form and two tails with three little footballs at the ends of them, with a jewel in the center. It has a ruby on it’s forehead, no mouth, and closed eyes. It has no knees, just feet (again footballs) and arms with three stubby fingers. And it’s floating.



Anonymous asked
Sorry to disturb you and for the lack of information, but, did you give up the project or people stopped submitting you descriptions? I hope you are just busy and return soon to continue with this amazing project. [=

I haven’t stopped, I’m just very busy at the moment! Before it blew up, the Pokeymans Project usually only happened in bursts every couple of months or so, so I’m not used to it being a regular thing. I’ll try and draw some more soon though!

Farfetch’d: He’s a mallard with big anime eyes and a thick v-shaped unibrown. He also carries a leek in one hand to hit people with

Unfortunately I ruined this one for myself…I read it and I was like “haha how dumb do you think I am, no way I’m drawing your obvious prank Pokeyman”

then I googled it just for the hell of it

oh my god

this is a real Pokemon you guys

Anonymous asked
what is the best description you've received so far?

My favorite was when my friend described Magmar to me. I don’t remember everything she said (it produced a pretty accurate drawing) but the best part was:

"it’s a duck, but its head is a butt, and the butt is on fire."

imspencer asked
What is the worst description that has been submitted so far?

Zweilous is a pokeyman with a fat round four legged body, at the end of each feet are two claws. At the neck it gets weird: It has two heads and fur covering them from the bottom of the neck up, each head has a Ringo Star Haircut with the addition of two feather things made of the same hair on top of each head.  Also two fur-wing-thingies, one behind each head.

So since you didn’t give me any description whatsoever for the heads themselves, I have to assume that it actually has two Ringo Starr heads.

not that I let myself google what Ringo Starr looks like either…

There is comfort in knowing I was never going to get this one right from that description.

rika84 asked
If we submitted last time you were taking them on your other blog, should we resubmit here or are you working off of those?

The ones from my other blog are buried under a pile of messages, so yep resubmit them here!

…although just to let you know, in the two days this blog has been up it has already accumulated nearly five hundred submissions, so it’s pretty much just luck of the draw who gets picked. 

Snivy: He’s a short lizard-looking pokemon. He stands on two legs with tiny pointy feet. His body is shaped like a wonky “s” and his nose is swoopy and pointy at the end. He has large eyes that are half-lidded and has a very smug expression on his face (his nickname is smugleaf). His short arms have short spikey fingers. His tail ends in a large leaf shape with three points. He has two collar pieces that stick out like curly dracula collars, and his belly/underchin are white but the top of his head & back/tail/arms are green.

the S is for sucks

sorry, couldn’t resist. Okay now for real.

If this is close I will shoot myself in the face.



that far off?????

Anonymous asked
How is it possible that you don't know anything about Pokémon? I hope I don't sound rude, I'm just curious :D

I was homeschooled until I was fifteen and my parents were pretty strict? I was one of those kids who wasn’t allowed to read Harry Potter too!